What are NFL Overtime Rules Implement in Super Bowl

Super bowl overtime will work the same way as regular NFL overtime rules do. We all want Superbowl most entertaining & competitive but what will happen if match ties? How the winner fate will be decide in Superbowl overtime? We all want to know what are the rules? No finale or NFL playoffs end on score tie. Each NFL game consist of four quarters, after 2 quarters players take break of halftime. After the 4th quarter overtime starts if scores are equal.

There is no limit of NFL overtime till the winner decides. If we don’t have winner in 1st or 2nd overt time we will go for 3rd, 4th or 5th no  matter how much is needed. No halftime after double overtime period and there is 2-minute break after each NFL Super bowl overtime.

Luck favors in NFL overtime rules. Sometimes odds gets opposite & may ruin the Super bowl game. One of example is Super bowl 51 comeback in Overtime where they were losing the game. NFL Reviewed their OT rules in 2010 & the only difference was game of regular season will not end in tie. The modified NFL OT rules are listed below for Super bowl, System guarantees each team opportunity to possess.

  • At the end of 4th quarter, referee will toss a coin. Toss will decide which team will possess the ball in 1st OT.
  • Captain of the Visiting team will call the toss.
  • Each NFL OT will run to no more than 10 minutes, that was previously 15 minutes.
  • If team having 1st possession scores touchdown in the opening drive of OT that team will win. No Extra point will attempted in that case. It’s called Sudden death play when game ends on safety, field goal or touchdown.
  • Game will continue till one of the team determined. Each team will get 2 timeouts.
  • A field objective on the opening drive implies the other group gets an opportunity to reply. On the off chance that the group with second belonging scores a touchdown on the resulting drive, that group wins. In the event that they kick a field objective to tie, ownership returns the other way. From that point, scoring is unexpected passing, with the main group to break the tie considered the victor.
  • All reviews will be initiated by replay official.
  • No One can Instant replay the Coach’s challenge.
  • Unless the team who won the toss set aside the choice, the captain who lost the 1st overtime toss will call for the heads or tail.

OT Reduced to 10 minutes by keeping the players safety in view. Stay with us for updated if match ties. There is no fun in watching the game without knowing the rules.

When does the Super bowl Ends?

For new fans who want to know the Super bowl end time, just keep in mind Super bowl consist of four 15 minutes quarters. After 2 quarters you will get a chance to amuse with Halftime Performance. Shakira & Jennifer Lopez is going to perform Halftime show in Super Bowl LIV. There’s always a chance of Superbowl Overtime. Super bowl is roughly 4 hours long. NFL Super bowl will start at 6:30 E.T is USA and probably ends at 10:30 EST.


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