Superbowl LIV Watch Free Without Cable TV

Super Bowl Without Cable TV 

NFL is transmitted on famous and easily available channels all over the world. But in case no cable channels are available there can be different options to watch and enjoy the matches. Following options can be availed in case of non-availability of cable.

Direct TV Now: 

You need to pay a little amount of $40 to buy a package for a month. You will enjoy this package by watching games with it. It includes Fox, CBS, ESPN, NBC and NFL Network, which allow you to watch games on CBS and Fox on Sunday afternoons, Monday Night Football on ESPN, Sunday Night Football on NBC and Thursday night football on Fox. And if you want to watch NFL Network, you need to spend a little more, NFL Network one month package costs $55.

PlayStation Vue: 

Playstation vue is Sony’s live TV streaming service. It offers all the channels which telecast NFL matches. And if you pay $10 extra for a month, you can add the RedZone Channel. All NFL fans can avail the cheapest core plan of $50. This core plan includes top five channels named Fox, CBS, ESPN, NBC and NFL Network, the $10 additional for a month gives a sports pack that gives you NFL RedZone.

Super Bowl on Sling TV: 

Sling TV gives you interesting deals to watch NFL live, it splits Live NFL options in two choices. First option is named as Blue plan, it costs for $25 a month and the other choice is called as Orange Plan for $25.

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Sling Blue entertains the viewers on Thursday and Sunday on Fox, NBC and NFL Network. While Sling Orange telecast the games on Monday night on ESPN. And if you want to avail NFL RedZone, you need to choose Sling Blue. Subscribers can add extra sports package by paying extra $10 a month. And if you want to buy both, you get a smart discount of $10, and you can buy both offers in just $40. Here the fans have to take a tough decision, and the smart offer motivates the users to buy the discount offer and enjoy the game. Sling TV does not provide CBS transmission, which telecast the matches on Sunday afternoons.

SuperBowl CBS All Access:

It is a platform with very reasonable cost. CBS All Access costs only $5.99 a month. You need to pay only for four months to go through the NFL season. You can watch AFC games on Sunday afternoons.  And four months of CBS All Access will take you through the NFL season, letting you watch AFC matchups on Sunday afternoons. It makes for a good add-on for Sling TV subscribers.

NFL app: 

In past few years, only Verizon Wireless subscribers had the facility to use NFL mobile app for live streaming of the matches. But now the time is changed, technology is easier to use and it is available to most viewers. Now NFL app is accessible on the phones regardless of carriers. But only limited matches can be watched on your phone. These matches can be local or recent matches and national broadcasts on Sunday, Monday and Thursday night. These games also stream live on yahoo sports app.

Hulu with Live TV:

Hulu is a platform providing live channels for your entertainment at very low cost. Hulu is available with live TV only for $40 per month. But you also need to check which live channels are offered by Hulu in your locality. Hulu with live transmission includes the CBS, Fox, NBC and ESPN but not NFL Network, which means you’ll get games on Sunday afternoon (CBS and Fox), Sunday night (NBC), Monday night (ESPN) and 11 Thursday night games (Fox).

YouTube TV: 

YouTube TV is similar to the Hulu with live TV. YouTube TV costs $40 for a month and includes CBS, Fox, NBC and ESPN but not NFL Network. It is currently available in dozens of major metro markets.


This platform also charge $40 for the first month but later you have to pay $45 per month to watch the matches. This is a sports-centric platform and it includes Fox, CBS, NFL and NBC Networks but ESPN is not available here. So you will miss the matches on ESPN on Monday. But you can enjoy the matches on Sunday afternoons telecasted by CBS and Fox, Sunday nights on NBC and Thursday night games are transmitted via NFL Network. You can pay $9 per month to add NFL RedZone as sports plus package.

Free over-the-air TV: 

Let’s talk about some free of cost options. If you are living in an area with a good location, where you can receive the signals of broadcasts easily, you can enjoy the matches free. The only thing you have to do is to attach an antenna of very affordable price of almost $30 to any nearby TV. Now you can enjoy the matches on Fox, CBS and NBC. Moreover, if any local team is playing and it is broadcasting on ESPN or NFL Network, then it will usually be simulcast on the local stations too. Shortly, you will be able to watch all your local teams every week. In addition, you can enjoy the other games on CBS and Fox.

Channels may vary by regions. So you must check out on the Playstation Vue plans page that which stations or networks are available to you in your locality. In many markets, you can watch on-demand matches but not live from Fox, CBS, NBC and your local networks. This holds true for all streaming services that offer live TV.

The usual caveat applies: 

Check the channel lineup in your area to make sure you can watch your local TV stations live. And please note that you cannot get NFL Sunday Ticket with DirectTV Now. NFL Sunday Ticket lets you watch every out-of-market Sunday NFL Game but requires a DirectTV satellite or meeting certain eligibility requirements (mainly, you live in an apartment that can’t get satellite service or you’re a student in a US college or university).

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