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Ravens Vs Steelers

National Football League (NFL) history has noted another noticeable rivalry which is between two other strong teams named Baltimore Ravens and the Pittsburgh Steelers. History shows that strong rivals become stronger with the passage of time. Because the competition motivate them to be stronger step by step. As we all know that when we focus on good, the good gets better. In this case, both teams belong to the American Football Conference North Division. They are thought to be one of most intense competitors of each other.  

Ravens vs Steelers Odds

History of Ravens starts from 1996 and they have been playing twice a year since the date. They often performed for divisional supremacy. They are not only aggressive but physically strong and fit. Both teams are very rigid, hard hitting, defensive and physically intense. Both teams faced each other four times in post season, both have won two Super Bowls since the rivalry began.  

In Harrisburg, Pennsylvania both teams played like real enemies. In 2005, this enmity was ranked as 2nd in top 10 NFL rivalries. Actual beginning of this rivalry is from 1996, when both teams met for the very first time. They met at Three Rivers Stadium in Pittsburgh. First match was won by the Steelers with a score of 17-31. Later in the same year, Ravens beat the Steelers at Memorial Stadium in Baltimore with a score of 31-17. Both teams honored their homelands with victory.  

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Afterwards in next eleven meetings, Steelers dominated the Ravens by winning eight matches. It includes the Divisional Playoff Game of 2001. Actual rivalry became stronger when both teams split their games 6-6. It started the more competitive and fierce rivalry era. In 2008, both teams faced each other three times in NFL.  The Steelers rang the victory bells in all three matches and stood up as champions. Later in 2009 the next season of NFL, rivalry was continued. This time Ravens nailed the game and they cheered up and enjoyed that hard victory. They won with 20-17 scores at M&T Bank Stadium. And the season ended with a record of 9-7.  

TV Transmission: 

Tv stations who will stream the whole NFL 2020 are: 

  • ESPN 
  • FOX 
  • CBS 
  • NBC 

ESPN tv Schedule.  In 2010, they strike three times in the ground. This time the Steelers nailed it. Next year during NFL 2011 season, the Ravens were harsher than ever. They gave tough time to the Steelers and rang the victory bells with 35-7. Both teams split the game in 2012. But in 2013, the Ravens won the game with 22-20. The Ravens were the winner of the NFL 2014 with 26-6 at M&T Bank Stadium.  

Later in 2016, collision was in M&T Stadium. This was a memorable time and a golden opportunity to get the control of AFC North. In the first three quarters of the game, the Ravens won the game and consequently they lead the division and the evening too, with a record of 4-4. After 2012, teams again split the game in 2018.  

Ravens Vs Steelers Game Prediction:  

Now in upcoming season of NFL, both teams are going to play harder than before. Because both have faced very tough times from each other. Time to time they are becoming undefeatable for each other. Many timeS have been passed since the beginning of the rivalry when the opponent turned the game at the verge of winning. Now the team Steelers is predicted by the sports experts and criticizers to be the next champion between both rivals.  

 Radio Transmission: 

To stay updated with the critical situations of NFL, you can stay tuned with the following highly ranked radio stations. These stations telecast the news and the matches for the listeners who are not free to sit and watch the matches on their couch with popcorns. These stations are favorite of busy people. 

 Station    Frequency   
WDVE-FM FM 102.5 
WBVP AM 1230 
WMBA AM 1460 
WISR AM 680 
WKNB FM 104.3 
WAYC FM 100.9 
WPXZ FM 104.1 
WWVA AM 1170 
WGET AM 1320 
WESB AM 1490 
WISR AM 680 
WCHA AM 800 
WTPA FM 93.5 

Date:  29-12-19

Venue: M&T Bank Stadium

Week 17: Ravens vs Steelers

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