Patriots Vs Dolphins Radio Rochester and Prediction

Another noticeable rivalry in NFL is the Dolphins–Patriots rivalry. Miami Dolphins and the New England patriots are the teams which are one the strong opponent teams. Both teams has been invited to play twice every season since 1967. And it has been scheduled. As both teams are members of the same organization, The American Football League (AFC) East Division, they are from the same home. When they play in the field they do not play for the homeland. They play for the team’s honor. So the rivalry of these two teams has another nature. And because of the same team home, these teams are not that much famous as others.

Despite of not being very well known, this rivalry also has a long history along the dates back to 1960’s. The dominating rival in the beginning was the team Dolphins. At that time the team Dolphins was also one of the most successful teams of NFL and the Patriots were one of the worst. After a long journey of hard work and efforts, they rang the victory bells in 1985, and made the super bowl.

After that victory, they became a little better rivals from 1986. They wrote their history in golden words by winning a continuous game streak of seven matches from 1986 to 1988. After this great victory line of The Patriots, team Dolphins became aggressive and worked harder than before to bang The Patriots. Finally they took over the game and won 13 out of 15 matches of a game streak. In 90’s the quarter back of the both teams was great, the Dolphins performed very hard and gave Patriots very tough time from 1999 to 2000. They remained dominating over The Patriots through this time period.

The Dolphins are one of those top 4 teams of AFC who have a good record of continuous streak of winning games. In 2003, the Patriots turned the game and victory changed its destination. In 2004, the most memorable and famous match was played. In this match, the unbelievable moment of winning a lost game was occurred. The Patriots who were the defending champions of that match, were hit by The Dolphins in the last precious ending moments of the match. At the end The Dolphins were the champions, their fan crowd was over excited at their remarkable victory. And this game got fame as “The night that courage wore orange.” Later from 2005 to 2008, rivalry became more intense because The Dolphins were the only team to continuously win the division for three years. They used the wildcat formation strategy to throw out The Patriots back off the ground.

In latest matches, in 2018 still The Dolphins are stronger and dominating. They upset the Patriots in Miami, this time it was a last minute hook and lateral scoring play. Later it was called “Miracle in Miami”.


According to the previous record of these two home rivals, the team Dolphins is much stronger. In last match of 2018, Dolphins defeated the Patriots in Miami and it was a great memorable match. Noticing the performance of the Dolphins in previous matches and specifically in last match, team Dolphins has the great chances to win it. Because their coaches and practice is stronger and harder than the Patriots.

Radio Transmission:

One of the most awaited matches of these rivals will be covered and transmitted by different means. Radio stations who will go live are mentioned below.

 AlbanyNY- WPYX 106.5FM
• HartfordCT-WPOP 1410AM
• HartfordCT-WPOP 100.9FM
• HartfordCT-WCUS 97.9FM
• DanburyCT-WLAD 880AM
• SyracuseNY-WTLA 1200AM
• SyracuseNY-WTLA 97.7FM
• CorningNY – WENI 1450 AM
• ElmiraNY – WENY1230 AM
• CorningNY – WGMM 98.7 FM
• PlattsburghNY – WIRY 1340 AM
• RomeNY – WRNY 1350 AM
• UticaNY – WTLB 1310 AM
• UticaNY – WTLB 96.5 FM
• OswegoNY – WSGO 1440AM
• OswegoNY – WSGO 100.1 FM
• BinghamtonNY – WENE 1430 AM
• CortlandNY –WIII-FM 99.9
• IthacaNY – WIII-FM 100.3
• BurlingtonVT – WJKS 104.3 FM
• EastonPA- WEEX 1230 AM
• EastonPA – WTKZ 1320 AM
• Finger Lakes (Canandaigua and Rochester)NY – WOKR 1310 AM
• Finger Lakes (Canandaigua and Rochester)NY – WOKR 95.5 FM

Television Transmission:

Radio is good enough to inform and up to date us when we are not free to watch television or we do not have access to the TV. But these exciting matches loose the excitement and aggressive expressions when we are just listening to it. To watch the live streaming you can watch one of the following stations.

USA NetworkDiscovery
Hulu LiveAMC
Sling TVFox News
Fox Channel 29 (WTXF)MTV
NBC Channel 10 (WCAU)HGTV
ESPNParamount Network



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