How to Vote for MVP in Super Bowl 2020?

In NFL Most Valuable Player award is given to player who performed outclass during the whole tournament. You can say that a player who has contributed alot in let his team winning the game & played well. Out of 53, 43 MVP have won by a player who played offensive. Running back & Wide Receivers have won it 7 times.

Fans can vote for their favorite player on NFL.COM. You don’t need to wait for Super Bowl to end, even voting will start in the benign of fourth quarter of Super BOWL LIV. Media Members & Fan Votes will decide the winner once all the vote are cast. Quota of Fans vote holds 20 percent & Media members quota is of 80 percent. Get ready on Super Bowl to vote for your favorite player on NFL official site.

Before 2001 MVP was select by media members only, fans voting start in 2001. Since 18 years quarterback had won 11 tittles. Super Bowl LVIII MVP was won by Julian Edelman from England Patriots.

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List of Players with Most MVP:

 Players  Position  SuperBowls Count  Wins 
Joe MontanaQBXXIV, XIX, XVI3
Terry BradshawQBXIII, XIV2
Bart StarrQBI, II2
Eli ManningQBXLVI, XLII2
Julian EdelmanQBLIII1

List of MVP Won by Positions:

 Positions  Tittle Won 
Wide Receiver7
Running Back7
Defensive Tackle1
Kick Returner1
Defensive End2


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