Eagles vs NY Giants Radio Transmission & Prediction

Eagles and giants are very old teams of United States. Team Eagles belongs to Philadelphia and Team Giants belongs to New York. They have very long history in NFL. They have been playing in NFL since 1933. The EaglesGiants rivalry is a National Football League (NFL) rivalry. The opposition initiated in 1933 with the founding of the Eagles, and slowly strengthened when both teams came to relative prominence in the 1940s and 1950s. 

When: 29.12.19

Where: Metlife Stadium


Both teams have been playing in the same field since 1933.The two teams have played in the same division in the NFL every year since 1933. This rivalry can be ascribed to the geographic New York-Philadelphia enmity. This enmity was in Major League Baseball‘s Mets-Phillies rivalry and the National Hockey League‘s Flyers–Rangers rivalry. It is rated by NFL Network as the number one enmity of all-time and Sports Exemplified ranks it among the highly rated top ten NFL rivalries of all-time. And it was ranked as 4th top rivalry. According to ESPN, it is one of the most famous and wild rivalry of the football community.  

Team rivalry stories are like fire outbreak in forest. Each memorable moment is in record. In the present century enmity record shows that in 2001, during 6th week of the season Team Eagles were playing game and situation showed that they are about to win the game by breaking a nine-game losing streak against the Team Giants. At this moment James Thrash, a dominating player from the Team Eagles caught the winning TD from Donvan McNabb in the 4th quarter of the game. 

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In 2008, both teams split in meeting. The Giants supported the opponent team Eagles in Philadelphia 36-31, but the Team Eagles hindered in New York and won the game with 20-14.  

In 2009, teams were back in competition. They met for NFC Divisional Playoffs in New York and Team Eagles won over the Team Giants with 23-11. And at the end series was tied with equal 2-2 matches. Later in 2010, game was changed. This time Giants was over the Eagles with 31-10 in the first game. This time war was continued at New Meadowlands Stadium. Now it was the time for the Team Eagles to get ready to tie the score again and win it with the help of one of their most spontaneous and superb player Desean Jackson’s 65 yard punt return for a TD with no time left on the clock for an unbelievable victory with 38-31.  The Elias Sports Bureau accepted it as very first punt in NFL history. Team Giants missed their playoffs fortunately. That’s why Eagles lost the game at 10-6. Hence, they lost their two games. 

In 2014, Team Eagles wrote their first shootout of series in history. In this aggressive match, Giants lost the game in the third quarter by following a Foles interception. Later in 2017, rivalry broke out again in Philadelphia. Kicker named Jake Elliot kicked a 61-yard field goal to win the match in last few moments of the game. It ended up with a glorious victory for eagles with 27-24. Jake’s kick is acknowledged as longest kick for longest field goal. It is recorded as 7th longest field goal in history of NFL. 

 Giants vs Eagles Prediction: 

 As we see the history of Giants vs Eagles, they played 172 total matches and both have the same number of victories. They had tied only in two matches. But this time there is a great chance of Eagle’s victory, because last season they had to face failure and it was great embarrassment for them. It enhanced their rival feelings and this time they have practiced more than ever. They will give very tough time to their opponent team Giants of New York. Match will be one of the noticeable matches of history. Eagles will conquer the match and the audience as well. They will hit the target because their hearts are burning with hate and anger and they will use it in the ground. If they win the match, it will console their hearts, souls and fans as well. These rival feelings and anger will help them to win. In fact it can be said that this aggression will be the reason of their victory. Other team needs to be stronger to face them. 

Radio Transmission: 

One of the most awaited matches of these rivals will be covered and transmitted by different means. Radio stations who will go live are mentioned below. 

 Radio Frequencies 
•  Albany NY- WPYX 106.5FM 
• Hartford CT-WPOP 1410AM 
• Hartford CT-WPOP 100.9FM 
• Hartford CT-WCUS 97.9FM 
• Danbury CT-WLAD 880AM 
• Syracuse NY-WTLA 1200AM 
• Syracuse NY-WTLA 97.7FM 
• Corning NY – WENI 1450 AM 
• Elmira NY – WENY1230 AM 
• Corning NY – WGMM 98.7 FM 
• Plattsburgh NY – WIRY 1340 AM 
• Rome NY – WRNY 1350 AM 
• Utica NY – WTLB 1310 AM 
• Utica NY – WTLB 96.5 FM 
• Oswego NY – WSGO 1440AM 
• Oswego NY – WSGO 100.1 FM 
• Binghamton NY – WENE 1430 AM 
• Cortland NY –WIII-FM 99.9 
• Ithaca NY – WIII-FM 100.3 
• Burlington VT – WJKS 104.3 FM 
• Easton PA- WEEX 1230 AM 
• Easton PA – WTKZ 1320 AM 
• Finger Lakes (Canandaigua and Rochester) NY – WOKR 1310 AM 
• Finger Lakes (Canandaigua and Rochester) NY – WOKR 95.5 FM 

Giants vs Eagles Television Transmission: 

Radio is good enough to inform and up to date us when we r not free to watch television or we do not have access to the TV. But these exciting matches loose the excitement and aggressive expressions when we are just listening to it. To watch the live streaming you can watch one of the following stations. 

 T.V Listings 
NFL TV Bravo 
USA Network Discovery 
Fubo TV  BET 
Hulu Live AMC  
Sling TV  Fox News 
Fox Channel 29 (WTXF) MTV 
NBC Channel 10 (WCAU) HGTV 
ESPN Paramount Network 


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